11. Safeguarding Intellectual Property & Secure Communications

The Right Turn 2.0

Our Code of Conduct


  • We respect the rights of others who have created written materials, software, and other “intellectual property.” Only copy documents and other materials when the Company has the right to do so.
  • Company computers may only contain software for which the Company holds an appropriate license.
  • The Company provides employees with tools and services such as e-mail, personal computers, telephones and voicemail, computer networks and applications, internet resources, and other electronic services. If used improperly, such communications could expose the Company to significant risks and liability. In that regard, Company equipment and systems should be used in a manner consistent with company business goals and policies, including any privacy and anti-harassment laws. Employees may not use such resources to conduct illegal activities or communicate/access/download obscene, sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate material. Likewise, such resources may not be used for personal gain or profit.
  • All Company computers, e-mail, phones, tablets etc., are Company property intended for Company use. To the fullest extent permitted by law, management reserves the right to review all messages, information, and other contents on any of these systems. Employees should not consider anything written or done while using these systems to be private.