5. Protecting Company Assets

The Right Turn 2.0

Our Code of Conduct


All supplies, equipment, inventory, merchandise, materials, and confidential and proprietary information (“Company Property”) are intended to be used solely for Company purposes. Protecting such property from theft, fraud, harm, abuse, loss, misuse, or waste is the responsibility of all employees. The Company will not tolerate any misuse or theft of Company Property and will take legal action against anyone who engages in such conduct – to the fullest extent of the law.

ETHICS LEADERSHIP MOMENT: Your project manager asks you to use your company-owned pick-up truck to transport some scrap metal from one of our projects to his house. He tells you that he intends to recycle the scrap and use the money he receives from a local metal recycler to donate to his son’s little league program for new uniforms for all of the players. Does that sound right?

Answer: No! Any materials recycled from any of our projects and the proceeds are Company property and must be properly accounted for. Taking those proceeds for one’s personal benefit is theft.