2. Incident & Injury Prevention

The Right Turn 2.0

Our Code of Conduct


  • Safety is Colas’s first Core Value. The Company is committed to building a culture of safety excellence – Goal Zero.
  • Senior management is responsible for visible safety leadership which includes providing the financial resources to maintain safe working conditions.
  • Front line supervision is responsible for the quality of safety activities in the workplace.
  • All employees are responsible for active participation in safety, which includes following safe work procedures, reporting injuries, and addressing unsafe working conditions.
  • Colas expects all of its employees to be fit for duty when reporting to work.
  • The Company will maintain and enforce a Drug Free Workplace Policy to ensure compliance. Anyone caught using drugs or alcohol in the workplace or while using Company equipment will be subject to discipline, including termination.
  • The Company will cooperate with regulatory agencies conducting inspections or investigations.
  • Company appointed Safety Managers are responsible for answering questions and providing support related to the company health and safety program.
  • Employees may contact their Company’s Safety Manager, designated Ethics Manager, or if you are uncomfortable raising the issue without anonymity, the Colas Ethics Hotline.